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Blitz String Care

Product Code: 301

Specially treated String Care cleaning cloth removes dirt and tarnish with little effort. String Care can be used on all metal strings for both acoustic and electric instruments. It leaves a fine protective shield on strings.

Easy to use! Wipe strings gently with the String Care cleaning cloth. The yellow cloth will darken with use, but will continue to be an effective cleaner. Polish with the gray cloth, leaving as much of the protective shield as is desired to make the strings slick.

Not for lacquered surfaces. Use only for metal strings. 100% cotton flannel cloth. Non-toxic. Environmentally responsible. Not tested on animals.

Contains one (1) specially treated cloth (approximately 8" x 10") and one (1) buffing cloth.

Special Note: It is this cloth that is recommended by the well known guitar repairman Dan Erlewine, in "The Guitar Player Repair Guide", a best-seller in the field of guitar repair.

When grime and dirt have built up along the edges and between the frets and the wood itself, the board requires a thorough going-over. However, if you wipe your strings clean after playing, there will be less chance for dirt to build up. Years ago, when I was playing six nights a week alongside a pedal steeler, I noticed that he would clean each string at the nights end, using a special rag called a Blitz cloth, which was commonly used by the Army to polish brass. I started using one, too, and found it to be the greatest string cleaner Id ever seen. An Army surplus store was the only place I could find them. Since that time I have seen them in music stores being sold as String Care by Blitz.

Yes, this is indeed the same Since 1912 cloth that founded Blitz way back when we started in Auburn, NY.

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