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John McGann's Sound Fundamentals DVD

Product Code: MSV03

Musicians who are known for having great tone and technique understand that a thorough command of each individual component allows them to produce a large palette of tones in the most comfortable and efficient manner. Learn the secrets to improving your own touch, tone and technique from one of the world’s finest mandolinists. You learn the following¨ getting comfortable, pick choice & holding the pick; downstrokes vs alternate picking; free strokes vs rest strokes; crosspicking; fingering considerations & scale patterns; the parallel thumb and the duck web; unlocking the fingerboard; developing speed and printable hard copy of all exercises. Includes printable PDF file of musical examples transcribed in standard notation and tablature.

Developing Speed  
Downstrokes vs Alternate Picking  
Fingering Considerations & Scale Patterns  
Free Strokes vs Rest Strokes  
Getting Comfortable, Pick Choice & Holding the Pick  
Printable Hard Copy of All Exercises  
The Parallel Thumb and the "Duck Web"  
Unlocking the fingerboard 

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