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Unknown Legends Transcription Book by Roberto Dalla Vecchia

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1. Surprised
2. Unknown Legends
3. Angeline The Baker
4. Seeds Of Peace
5. Gift Of A Lifetime
6. Sunflowers
7. It Won't Be Long
8. Your Sweet Smile
9. Talks
10. Ocean Of Love
11. Unknown Legends (Reprise)

Roberto Dalla Vecchia: acoustic guitar, vocals
Henrich Novak: dobro
Paolo Bressan: whistles, bombo
Stefano Versolato: upright bass
Giovanni Costantini: cello

Roberto Dalla Vecchia celebrates his 10-year musical career with a brand new album "Unknown Legends"

"Raised in a Catholic family, as a kid I was taught that life is a gift - God’s greatest gift. I have always admired those who work quietly to make the world a better place: people who dedicate their time, sometimes their entire lives, building bridges of love. These songs celebrate these unknown legends. It is my secret desire to follow their steps".
This is Roberto’s 4th album since "Open Spaces" was released ten years ago. His guitar work continues to explore and expand in 11 strong instrumental compositions based on tradition but reaching well beyond it.

"Unknown Legends" offers a rich and ingenious synthesis of American sounds and Mediterranean flavors, expressed with inventiveness and energy and full of instrumental precision, always arranged with an attentive eye to tradition.

The CD features Roberto’s powerful acoustic guitar and other string instruments, dobro (Enrich Novak), whistles (Paolo Bressan), cello (Giovanni Costantini) and upright bass (Stefano Versolato), playing themselves through a collection of quiet and thoughtful songs full of atmosphere and lively driving tunes.

Says Dalla Vecchia: "I like the idea of recording music that is appealing for his honesty and simplicity in an acoustic yet contemporary approach. "

The CD was recorded at Magister Studio, Italy, and mastered at The Sound Lab, USA.




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